Kingdom Historical Trust, Inc. (KHTI) is a non-profit educational organization devoted to encouraging the study and recreation of aspects of the European Middle Ages, with a special emphasis on locating and developing a permanent site for such activities and the use of other historical re-creation societies.

General Information

We are actively looking for a piece of property in the central part of California.

In order to raise funds for its goals, various fund raisers have been held. The one that has become the primary focus of its efforts is Ducal Prize. This is an annual event cosponsored by KHTI and the Kingdom of the West with the majority of the proceeds going to KHTI. Since the original major supporters were the Dukes and Duchess of the Kingdom and each activity had a prize, it became known as Ducal Prize.

Ducal Prize

August 30 - September 2, 2013

Ducal Prize Tourney is a benefit event to raise money for the West Kingdom to purchase a permanent tournament site. It is sponsored by KHTI (Kingdom Historical Trust, Inc.) in conjunction with the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA), and the West Kingdom. It is scheduled for Labor Day weekend and consists of competitions (for entry fee, with prizes), auctions, a garage sale, and other interesting activities. All state and local laws are strictly enforced.

Anyone may attend Ducal Prize, provided he or she is willing to wear pre-seventeenth century clothing of any period or culture known to medieval Europe and conform to the By-Laws and rules of the SCA and KHTI. All West Kingdom fighting conventions and other rules are in force.


As always we need stuff -- your stuff, my stuff, everybody's stuff! Ducal Prize runs on donations; donations of items, skills, services, and your time. Donations are used as competition prizes, to fuel the Monster Auctions, and to sell at the garage sale. We can't hold a three hour auction for your listening and shopping pleasure if we don't have your items to sell back to you, can we now? Remember, services as well as items make great auction donations. Dinners and such-like have been some of our most successful offerings! If you have any questions about whether a particular item would make a good donation, please contact the Event Autocrat! Prior to the event, donated items can be dropped off and/or picked up at a number of locations in the East Bay, San Jose, Monterey, and Sacramento areas. If you have something you would like to donate and cannot transport the item(s) to the event yourself please email the Donations Commissar to arrange a pick up.

Activities and Competitions

The Ducal staff have planned a number of competitions and activities for your participation and viewing enjoyment. Competitions other than the ones listed may be added if we (or an attendee) get a bright idea. If you have ideas or think we’re missing something please contact the Autocrat to let us know!

Click here to view the competitions and activities list.


There are two types of auctions at Ducal Prize. The first type of auction is the Competitor Auction. A competitor who wishes to enter a particular contest can put his/her skills up for auction. The buyer donates the amount of their bid to KHTI, and if the competitor wins, the buyer gets the prize. The minimum bid is always the entry fee for the competition. The second type of auction is for Goods and Services. These are regular auctions, with the items going to the highest bidder. Auction items will be on display in the display pavilion. Remember to bid high and bid often, since all money raised will go to KHTI (only the part above the fair market value of the item is tax deductible). If you are not running a tab, remember that you will be expected to pay at the time of purchase.

Garage Sale

It's just what it sounds like; show up and shop! Haggle to your heart's content. All prices are negotiable and all monies go to the Land Fund. Purchases can be paid for immediately or added to your tab.

Bardic Activities

The evening activities will take place in or near the GHQ. Purchases at the bardic circle can be added to your tab, as can purchases at the evening competitor auctions. The Special Request Bardic Circle will bring together the best bards in the Kingdom to play, sing, or recite the pieces you request for a donation/fee paid to KHTI. For a $1 donation, you can request either a specific piece or a specific bard. If you specify a bard, you can also specify a mood. If you request a specific piece by a specific bard, the expected donation is $2. (No bard will be expected to perform a piece with which he/she is unfamiliar.) Repeat performances of especially well-liked pieces will carry a higher fee, which will be set by the bard doing the piece. You can also bid against a particular piece, and raise even more money.


Merchants who wish to sell at Ducal Prize are expected to donate a minimum of ten percent of their profits to KHTI and to donate an item for a prize or auction. If you would like to know more or sign up to merchant at the event please contact the event autocrat.


We need you! The Ducal Team is currently looking for people to help out during the event in a number of positions. No matter what your skill set we would greatly appreciate even just an hour of your time! If you're interested in volunteering or would like more information please contact the event autocrat or visit the Fiduciary Table when you arrive at the event. If you've already volunteered to help - Thank You! Please make sure you check in at the Fiduciary Table when you arrive to get the latest info.

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