Ducal Prize Tourney - Competitions and Activities

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The Ducal staff have planned the following competitions for your participation and viewing enjoyment. Competitions other than the ones listed below may be added if we (or an attendee) get a bright idea. If you have ideas or think we’re missing something please contact the event autocrat to let us know!

  • Heavy fighting: Sword & Shield List, Barroom Brawl Melee, Cat's Cradle Melee, Ducal Team Melee, Gallery-Participation List, Superhero (with a twist) Melee, Resurrection Melee, Walk the Plank Melee and Pandybat Melee;
  • Rapier: Tipped Cup, Teeter-Totter (if equipment is available), Barroom Brawl, Plague Rats, 3-Rings Challenge, Wacky Offhand Weapon, Pandybat – additional events may be added depending on the number of fighters;
  • Archery: to be announced;
  • Thrown Weapons (Sunday afternoon);
  • Wrestling (Monday morning);
  • Games: Hunkerhauser (adult & kid divisions), Water Balloon Event, Amazing Race (adult scavenger hunt/obstacle course), Drag Races (family friendly, please!), Scavenger Hunt (kids only), Boffer Barroom Brawl, Palio, Holey Bucket Brigade (mixed-age teams, please);;
  • Bardic: Broadway (solo and ensemble divisions), Hyperbole about Royalty, Viking Haiku, Period Songs; and
  • Culture: Cordials, additional competitions to be announced

Amazing Race (Games) – combination scavenger hunt and obstacle course for adults.

Barroom Brawl (Heavy) – sword and something found in a barroom in the off-hand. Item must be "field appropriate" (as determined by the Marshall-In-Charge).

Barroom Brawl (Rapier) – sword and something found in a barroom in the off-hand. Item must be "field appropriate" (as determined by the Marshall-In-Charge).

Cordials(Culture) – alcohol infused with fruit, herbs, spices, etc. Judgeships will be auctioned.

Cat’s Cradle (Heavy) – fighters start in a circle and have a rope strung through their belts so that the rope limits/entangles your movements.

Ducal Team Melee (Heavy) – Teams will be chosen schoolyard style and led by someone of Ducal rank. Note that all team leaders may not be on the field…

Filk: Broadway (Bardic) – Filk a Broadway show song (solo and ensemble divisions).

Gallery-participation List (Heavy) – The gallery will chose the weapons for each fight.

Hyperbole on the subject of (Bardic) – explain, describe, or praise in the most extravagant language possible. This must be kept positive!

Pandybat (Heavy) – enter the fight with a weapon more dangerous to yourself than to your opponents. Please note that all weapons must meet SCA weapons basic construction regulations.

Palio (Games) – an imitation horserace for teams. May be combined with the Water Balloon Event, or it may not.

Superhero "with a twist" Melee (Heavy) – Your superpower will be chosen for you!!

Thrown Weapons – please wear closed-toe shoes for this activity. Targets and equipment will be available for learning and practice. Children from 14 to 18 have to have their parent or guardian sign them into the range and remain somewhere on the event site. Children under 14 must have their parent or guardian present.

Tipped cup (Rapier) – timed fight with a (water) filled tankard in your hand (we provide). If you lose all the liquid or either hand is disabled you are out of the fight. Whoever has the most liquid left in their tankard at the end of the fight wins.

Viking Haiku (Bardic) – “Drakkar all broken, Sven and Thor and Oley are gone, Damned monster kraken”…

Water Balloon Event (Games) – exact content to be determined…

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